Phuket Thailand. A unique mixture of hustle and bustle and at the same time great and awesome beauty. And do you know what? It all depends on which part of Phuket Island you choose. Patong Beach for example is Phuket's capital of nightlife, noise and just about any vice or virtue you might care to indulge in. Kata, Karon beaches on the other hand are largely unchanged and retain much of their natural beauty. Laguna Phuket is a collection of first class hotels and activities closer to the Phuket International Airport than to either Phuket Town or Patong. While if this is your first trip to Phuket or indeed your first visit in a while, you will surely be amazed at the development of Surin Beach. On this section of Phuket Island you will find first rate hotels and eateries and some of the seclusion you probable were looking for in the first place. There is more, of course; Kamala, Rawai, Chalong, Nai Harn and others offer much to Phuket visitors. For a complete list of stories and activities see the list on this page.
Alternative, environmentally friendly activities in Phuket No dear reader, "soft adventure" is not the title of the latest porn film gone wrong, it is, you might like to know, the latest buzz word in the tourism industry.

I for one find the phrase just a trifle misleading. Upon first hearing the term I figured it to be a little outdoor action for those of us on the wrong side of 50. You know, those of us who stash a bowling ball under our shirts but who refuse to believe what is being told to us every time we return breathless from our latest safari to the corner store for a pack of fags."Soft adventure". I mean c'mon now, doesn't that title imply a little "just a few minutes out of the arm chair" kind of action. You know what I mean, perhaps an invigorating stroll along the beach ungracefully red-faced from extended periods of sucking in one's tummy. Or alternatively, bungee jumping from an upper bunk, or possibly pulling a bank job with a water pistol. You get the picture. Nothing strenuous mind, just a bit of lets pretend action so we can tell the folks back home we were not real "couch potatoes" while we sipped our gin and tonics in the exotic East.








Phuket Thailand. A unique mixture of hustle and bustle and at the same time great and awesome beauty. Best Hotels Luxury spa’s




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